Coyote Trickster

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Huli Curry - Drums
Terence Richardson - Bass guitar
Paul Chianese - Guitar
Eric M Johnson - Vocals & guitar


Out of the modern madness of San Francisco, Coyote Trickster presents their self-titled debut. Ten songs that zig and zag in a unique form of groovy psychedelia. Vocals quiver and tumble. Voodoo bass bumps with deep funk action. Guitars slice while jazz chords vibe. Drums bubble tightly then erupt into fiery chaos.

The perspective slyly shifts from song to song. A shaman offers wisdom, the wayward cry for help, the gentrified march, an acidhead threatens the gods from a lightning rod, and the brokenhearted rise anew.

Recorded at the unfamous Potrero Mt. Palace of Unfine Arts. Mixed by Jay Pellecci at John Vanderslice's illustrious Tiny Telephone. Mastered by John Cuniberti.

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